With flight timetable changing at the end of March 2018 the Slovene ADRIA AIRWAYS will include the cities Geneva, Bucharest, Sofia, Dubrovnik and Hamburg into its new transport network from LJUBLJANA AIRPORT. The new connection to Hamburg also supplements the current connection from the KÄRNTEN AIRPORT | KLU, which is currently offered by EUROWINGS.
The ADRIA-Verbindung nach KIEV, which persists for few weeks now will also be extended over the summer so that the connection to the UKRAINE will be still available.

The new transport ways to all of those cities mentioned before will be available for several times a week and are also NONSTOP flights. Because of that, the region and the city of VILLACH reaches more and more into the center heart of Europe.

Information and Booking: ADRIA AIRWAYS

The new flights from HAMBURG can be exquisitely complemented with EUROWING-Flights to CARINTHIAN AIRPORT/KLAGENFURT. Details HERE.